Who Was the First Person to Sell Hair

It’s impossible to deny that we far prefer premium, high quality products. Between choosing synthetic over the real thing, the vast majority of us are going to want the real deal. The same can be said for even the likes of hair. I grew up with a mother that was way into wigs. It’s not like she even needed them herself but she enjoyed having extensions for whatever reason women enjoy that sort of thing – I have no idea. Whether it was her curly human hair extensions or the fake wigs that she enjoyed, she loved all sorts of hair.

Sometimes I think she enjoyed her wigs because they allowed her to go out in public without being a red head. I don’t know why she felt such shame over being a red head but it was enough for her to invest quite a bit into wigs. I remember totally freaking out the first time that I found her wig that was made completely from actual human hair – I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t imagine a scenario where someone would give up all of their hair for someone like my mom to wear it instead. As a kid, it was both baffling and frightening.

Now as an adult I totally understand better but it’s still a absurd market. I have a hard time imagining there being people out there who are basically growing out their hair so they can harvest it for sale. It’s basically like being a farmer of human hair. As long as their is a need for something there’s going to be someone out there who is going to buy them up. My mom was good friends with a supplier and apparently they actually made quite a good amount of money buying hair from other people and selling them to wig makers.