The True Value of Your Hair

My mother has been wearing wigs for years. I always thought it was sort of a strange thing for her to do considering how much hair she actually had. I still don’t pretend to understand why she does it or why there is a whole industry, market and community which surrounds the supply and demand of wigs. I’m not here to judge, though, but I am here to help them! After reading about my natural hair extensions I came to the conclusion that I could sell my hair. Thanks to my mixed ethnic heritage I have some crazy curly hair which is exactly the sort of hair that goes for a lot of money on this unique market.

I’ve been growing my hair out for years now and for the most part I would usually donate it to the local children’s hospital but when my mom told me that I could make quite a bit of money selling it, I was all about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love donating my hair and it’s still something that I do! I have however decided that extra money in my pocket is nothing bad. Who couldn’t use some cash for doing absolutely nothing but growing hair?

It’s amazing how much money they are willing to pay. I’ve seen hair on some websites go for as much as $2,000 – of course, this is purely ‘virgin’ hair. There’s an entire lingo that’s involved in selling hair, who would have thought that? I was blown away when I found out about this industry. Virgin hair is the kind of hair that’s never been cut. It’s the kind of hair, especially if it’s curly, that will go for the most. Curly hair is such a pain to grow out that it’s always going to be the most valuable kind of hair you can find.