The Best Holiday in Spain

I have to tell you about the most spectacular holiday I have ever experienced in my 49 years of life. My friends and I purchased the best walking holidays in Spain a couple of months ago. We were a bit skeptical at first and didn’t know if we would enjoy guided walks and hikes since we are very independent and curious people. We are the type who like to do things spontaneously and weren’t sure if we would like following an itinerary. Boy, were we wrong! We had an absolutely amazing time and can’t wait to go back next year to explore some more.

Our holiday started off when we flew into Alicante airport and were greeted by a complimentary transfer service that took us directly to our hotel. The hotel is a renovated 17th-century townhouse exclusively available to walking guests only. The rooms and amenities were above and beyond anything we were expecting. On top of all of this, all of our meals were provided for. We were served a very healthy breakfast every morning and a four-course dinner every evening. Tea and snacks were available throughout the day along with the boxed lunch given to us for our daily excursions. All we had to do was concentrate on having fun. All of the walks were directed by professional guides to explain the history of the area along with assuring that we were safe at all times.

In our downtime between our guided walks, we were able to explore the 16th-century village of Parcent. We visited many local shops, bars, and even a quaint little bakery. The local culture was amazing and everybody was very friendly and helpful in directing us to sites we should visit. The only disappointing thing about the whole trip was that it had to end so soon.