Started to Cater Some Weddings

I was just amused when they pitched it to me first off. Of course I had a couple of friends who were already involved in this sort of thing. One of them was working part time as a magician in London. He was obviously doing kid’s parties and that sort of thing, it was apparently good money for the amount of work that he was doing. Another girl that I know was a singer in a wedding band. They both told me that they thought that I could make a lot of money in catering, but it is not like that. Instead I am making pretty good money considering the amount of free time that I have to sink in it. The reason it was practical is that I already had access to all of the stuff that I needed. If I had to buy all of that stuff, then it would not have been a practical idea.

My uncle has a van that he hardly uses any more, since he is sort of disabled or at least disabled enough that working is a bother. My full time employer has a kitchen obviously and he does not mind if I use it. I need to have stuff to transport the food in and of course I have to be able to cook it all. In large part I do it while I am working and it does not really effect the schedule at the hotel. In fact we do not really have any issues there, because we have a very well trained staff and a little more work is actually nice in a way. I like to stay busy while I am in the kitchen and at late hours that is not the way it is all of the time.