Staple Foods Can Still Be a Fun Meal

Foodista | Delicious White Bean Turkey ChiliFoods such as rice, beans and potatoes are staples in most people’s diets because they are inexpensive, healthy and tasty. Sometimes simplicity is the way to go when it comes to preparing these dishes, there are nights when a baked potato with a bit of butter is all you need to make a great meal. Still, eating the same food repeatedly can become very monotonous. Fortunately, a few small changes can make even these staple foods a new food experience.

Rice and beans are a great natural combination in a diet as they naturally complement each other in terms of nutrients, protein and vitamins. They also lend themselves to a variety of dishes that can be easily prepared and quite tasty as well.

For example, try using chili beans with rice for a change of pace meal. If you are a vegetarian almost every grocery store offers a bean only version of canned chili. Best of all chili mixes extremely well with rice, as a quick look at Mexican cuisine shows.

Get a pot of chili beans going while you prepare your rice separately. For some extra flavor and goodness to the recipe chop up an onion or pepper to add to the chili while it is simmering away. For those that don’t like as much spice in their food a bell pepper is a great choice as it has a nice sweet flavor as is loaded with nutritional goodness. Once both the rice and chili are ready, it is time to mix the two together in the chili pot.

Now anyone who has cooked with rice knows that it tends to soak up liquids very quickly, even after it is has been cooked and this can make your chili rice gummy if you are not careful. Try adding half a can of water for every can of beans to the mix. At first this might seem like you are making more of a soup then a chili but let it simmer for a few minutes and the rice will soak up the extra water and leave you with a great mix of beans and rice to enjoy.