Putting the Final Touches on the House

It took a lot of time between when we decided to buy this place and when we are going to finally be ready to move in. The place had a whole lot of problems, but we were okay with it since we got at a considerable discount and the location was nearly ideal for us. I can walk to work from this place and it will only take around ten minutes. Amy can get to work in little more time. Putting the final touches on the house right now, we got some custom mirrors in Brooklyn after we completer renovated the master bathroom. It is roughly twice as large as it was when we bought it, but there was not much doubt that it had to be done over. Amy was the one who wanted something really big. Like most women her stuff takes up a lot of space in the bathroom and she wanted a double vanity so she would not have to give up any real estate for my stuff. Of course I do not have that much stuff and I keep it all in the medicine cabinet. The money we have put in this place is not very bad at all, not considering how big of an upgrade we are getting. There is a lot of work that was put in it, but fortunately for us both of our fathers have worked as contractors. My Dad hired a guy he knows to help him renovate the baths and the kitchen. He did not do it for free, and he expected us to pay him cash. Obviously he does not need the social security administration to know what he is up to. He probably makes close to what I do just doing work off of the clock, but he also collects a check from the government