Who Was the First Person to Sell Hair

It’s impossible to deny that we far prefer premium, high quality products. Between choosing synthetic over the real thing, the vast majority of us are going to want the real deal. The same can be said for even the likes of hair. I grew up with a mother that was way into wigs. It’s not like she even needed them herself but she enjoyed having extensions for whatever reason women enjoy that sort of thing – I have no idea. Whether it was her curly human hair extensions or the fake wigs that she enjoyed, she loved all sorts of hair.

Sometimes I think she enjoyed her wigs because they allowed her to go out in public without being a red head. Continue reading Who Was the First Person to Sell Hair

Putting the Final Touches on the House

It took a lot of time between when we decided to buy this place and when we are going to finally be ready to move in. The place had a whole lot of problems, but we were okay with it since we got at a considerable discount and the location was nearly ideal for us. I can walk to work from this place and it will only take around ten minutes. Amy can get to work in little more time. Putting the final touches on the house right now, we got some custom mirrors in Brooklyn after we completer renovated the master bathroom. It is roughly twice as large as it was when we bought it, but there was not much doubt that it had to be done over. Amy was the one who wanted something really big. Like most women her stuff takes up a lot of space in the bathroom and she wanted a double vanity so she would not have to give up any real estate for my stuff. Continue reading Putting the Final Touches on the House

The True Value of Your Hair

My mother has been wearing wigs for years. I always thought it was sort of a strange thing for her to do considering how much hair she actually had. I still don’t pretend to understand why she does it or why there is a whole industry, market and community which surrounds the supply and demand of wigs. I’m not here to judge, though, but I am here to help them! After reading about my natural hair extensions I came to the conclusion that I could sell my hair. Thanks to my mixed ethnic heritage I have some crazy curly hair which is exactly the sort of hair that goes for a lot of money on this unique market. Continue reading The True Value of Your Hair

Making Time to Cook Gourmet Meals

 ... into the history of chili especially a no bean chili recipeWith life as busy as it is, sometimes it seems impossible to even begin to start making large meals. If you work all day long, cooking a gourmet meal seems like something you simply cannot do. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to make good meals for yourself and your family without spending hours on cooking.

For starters, concentrate on one ingredient or one meal. Do you want to do something special with chicken? Do you want to make a killer dessert? Instead of planning an entire meal, try to stick to one new dish at a time. That will cut down your cooking time, and you will be able to really focus on how delicious one dish is instead of cooking and sampling a slew of new things at once.

Next, you are going to have to plan just a little bit. Once you decide to make hummingbird cake, for example, you are going to need to be sure you have all the ingredients on hand. Continue reading Making Time to Cook Gourmet Meals

Staple Foods Can Still Be a Fun Meal

Foodista | Delicious White Bean Turkey ChiliFoods such as rice, beans and potatoes are staples in most people’s diets because they are inexpensive, healthy and tasty. Sometimes simplicity is the way to go when it comes to preparing these dishes, there are nights when a baked potato with a bit of butter is all you need to make a great meal. Still, eating the same food repeatedly can become very monotonous. Fortunately, a few small changes can make even these staple foods a new food experience.

Rice and beans are a great natural combination in a diet as they naturally complement each other in terms of nutrients, protein and vitamins. They also lend themselves to a variety of dishes that can be easily prepared and quite tasty as well.

For example, try using chili beans with rice for a change of pace meal. If you are a vegetarian almost every grocery store offers a bean only version of canned chili. Continue reading Staple Foods Can Still Be a Fun Meal