I Just Got to Ontario

I have been looking for a new place since I got up here. The company did not give me much advance warning before they sent me to Canada. They are paying for an extended stay hotel, but I had to find a self storage in Keswick to store my stuff until I find a permanent place. If I had had a place to move it to, then I would have gotten one of those storage pods. That is an easy way to do things it is a lot simpler than the alternatives, like renting a truck and driving it up here. I did that and there were a couple of problems. Of course I had my car behind the truck, but I did not really remember that you can not back up when you are pulling a car on this thing. It came off of it and I was really luck that some teenage boys were nice enough to help me get the car back up on it. That took a little bit of muscle, more than I could have provided on my own.

At any rate things are going well enough in other ways. I have been able to diagnose the problem that they sent me here to fix and it is not going to be too difficult for me to put together a plan of action which is going to get us to where we need to get. That is the purpose for my being here and I am really thinking that my stuff may end up staying in the self storage unit if I am lucky in this. The way to solve the problem is just to change the way we teach our people and it is something that can be done rather easily if no one causes trouble.