I Hurt My Back Moving

In fact it was pretty fortunate that we were almost done, but me and Jack had saved the heaviest stuff for last. We had taken all of the boxes and sorted them out and put them in the rooms where they belonged, although a bunch of them were left in the garage because we had the boxes marked low priority. At any rate I slipped a little moving this really heavy sleeper couch. That was enough to throw my back out, although I have been seeing a chiropractor in Sacramento for a couple of years and it is not a big surprise. For the most part my back works just fine and it is going to do fine so long as I do not do anything like that. However if I make just a minor mistake the vertebra seem eager to do this thing where they are wacked up and not where they are supposed to be.

After awhile it has gotten to where the chiropractor barely has to get me on the table. He knows exactly what it is, although he checks first to be sure that he is not assuming too much. That is a very bad idea when you are dealing with a person’s back and it is not something that I would like. At any rate I was in and out of there in about twenty five minutes. The problem was that I had to drive for an hour and twenty minutes both ways, so I was asking him if he knew any good chiropractors in the area that I had moved to. If he did, then he would not tell me. Of course I am not sure that I can blame him, since he obviously knows that I am going to be back sooner or later.