I Have Been Thinking About a Career

Of course it is a big deal when you are talking about what to do with the rest of your life and I really do not have a lot of choice in it, I am going to have to hit the ground running. Right now I am thinking about things like this, for exactly how much do truck drivers make and how safe of a career choice is that. For example the truth is that you shall eventually have robot trucks that do not need a driver per se. However that only goes to a certain point as it seems to me. For example a driver is not exactly always a driver, they go places and pick the load up and then they take it some place and drop it off. A long haul driver spends nearly all of his time on the interstate highway system. They might pick up a load in South Carolina and drive it half of the way across the country to Illinois or Iowa or Missouri. A robot could easily do the part where you are on the highway. In fact the driver could sit in the cab watching TV or sleeping.

Other drivers are in and out of the truck every ten or fifteen minutes, picking up loads in a city or delivering things. The driver of a beer truck goes from one bar or store to the next, every stop he gets out and unloads the customer’s order. Then they talk to the guy that pays for the beer usually and makes sure that they get what they want. A robot really is not going to be able to replace that guy, nor is it even going to be able to easily manage this sort of truck driving in a city where all sorts of things are involved.