Helping Our Kids Become Better Adults

Learning is something we do every day of our lives. It is a lot tougher when you are on a schedule and are being tested periodically. It is easy as adults to forget how hard our kids really have it in school. You have to look perfect and act perfect to fit into whatever peer group you aspire to join, and you have to pass tests to prove yourself all the time. There is never a break to just be you. When both of our children were having trouble in physics, we got them the best physics tuition we could find. We went with a teacher that has a proven track record.

We wanted to make this extra burden of buckling down to brush up on physics as easy as possible for them as well as being as fun as possible. School does not have to be a chore or worry. We instill in our children leadership qualities so that they do not become followers of the crowd. For example, one of the more “elite” girls in school tried to make our daughter feel bad about herself. Our daughter stood up for herself and put that girl firmly in her place. Other girls were used to acting like subjects of that girl. The funny thing is that the girl texted our daughter and apologized. They aren’t best friends now, but the elite girl has a newfound respect for our daughter.

You have to strengthen your kids and empower them with skills to get through the tough times at school whether it be academic or social pressures. We do not put things off in our family or sweep them under the rug. We involve our kids with adult subjects in our home such as understanding our finances. These things are helping our kids become better people. Instead of just letting life happen with them, we are participating to make them the best they can possibly be.