Good Nails Done the Safe Way

I don’t consider myself to have a fear of germs, but I’m pretty cautious. I avoid touching most things unless absolutely necessary. I always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with me wherever I go. When I started getting manicures, I didn’t just go to any place that I found. There’s only one place that I feel comfortable with when it comes to touching my nails, and that’s the Holland nail salon. I trust this nail salon because I know that they keep every thing as clean as possible.

I’ve heard all kinds of things that have happened to people when they have gone to get their nails done. It usually boils down to a particular place not cleaning their equipment the way they should be. Since germs can bread in the most unlikely places and spread from person to person, one unclean piece of equipment can give someone an infection, and then it will be passed on from them to the next person. Luckily the Holland place makes sure that everything is clean before each use. I admire that they actually do this and make it a policy for everyone who works for them to adhere to it, because some places aren’t as strict.

In order to find out which nail places would follow the safety guidelines that were acceptable to me, I had to contact them all. While this was time consuming, it was worth it in the end, because I knew that I was getting clean, satisfactory service. I tell anyone who asks about my nails to go to the salon that I use, and they never come back disappointed. I’ve even gotten a few guys to go there. They were getting married and wanted to have their nails looking nice for their wedding photos. I think their wives put them up to it.