Focus on Work, Also Focus on Family

When I was looking for work, I wanted something that was serious and I could do remotely. I need to be on call for my mother, who is elderly, and can’t run home from a job in the city. When I heard about corporate secretarial services, I read a lot about the job. After realizing the job is commonly done remotely, I sent my resume to a few companies. I was excited to hear back from a few of them and settled on a new up and coming company. They were open to me not really being experienced and were growing and learning like I was.

The first thing I had ever done for them was write up a report for compliance. I made a short list of the most important things that should be done for the company, if they hadn’t already been done. Researching for that took some time, but I learned a lot. The information helped the company as well. Some of the compliance issues they weren’t even aware of and would have been shut down after inspection if they had opened up. I issued report after report of new compliance issues to make sure everyone was up to speed on what was going on and what needed to be focused on. It was really a learning experience for us all.

When the flow of this was started, I was in charge of viewing reports sent back to me and finding anything that was in need of fixing or changing. If nothing was needed, I would sign off on the task. If things needed to be changed, I would write another report detailing the information that needed the focus. It was a lot of back and forth, but it was fun. All the while, I got to take time to make sure my mother was well taken care of. A lot of people trusted me!

I loved that job, which is why I continue to work in that field. I love helping up and coming companies and that’s what I spend my focus on. I am able to use what I had learned and focused on to ensure other companies don’t start off on the wrong foot. I have successfully helped many of them start strong without compliance issues. I wouldn’t change it for the world! The best part was, I was able to see that my mother got everything she needed and wasn’t in any trouble as well!