Using an Exterminator in My New Apartment

I recently purchased a new apartment in New York City. Before we moved in, I realized that there were some past problems in the apartment. I could tell because I saw the droppings that were left behind. I never actually saw any of the little critters, but it was pretty evident that they had been there recently. I decided to look for in exterminator in NYC. I was hoping to find someone who specialized in a variety of extermination methods, because I wasn’t really sure what type of pest I was dealing with. One of my friends recommended a local service that she had used before.

I went on the website just to see what type of information I could find out about them. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they specialize in a lot of different services. I thought that they dealt with basic pest control, which includes bug elimination and getting rid of the little critters that you really can’t see. I didn’t think that this was the type of issue that I had, because the droppings were a bit larger. As I read on, I learned that they also deal with mice and rats. If I had to guess, I thought that perhaps this was the type of extermination I required.

Rodent removal is a service that they offer. They offer a protection program that in addition to eliminating the pests, helps ensure that they don’t come back. That is definitely something that is of interest to me, because I really don’t ever want to meet one of these rodents face-to-face. Keeping this service in mind, I called them to schedule an appointment. I was able to schedule a time that works for me next week, and I’m really looking forward to taking care of this issue. Once this is under control, we can finally start moving in.