I Am Working on My Computer Science Project

Of course it is a sort of a distraction, made us into teams of four students and somehow I ended up three really good looking girls on my team. That was a real longshot. There are only seven girls in the whole class and technically these are not the ones that you would want on your team. They are okay students, but there are two girls who are a lot smarter than I am. I was interested in all of them before this and it is hard to focus on the bitcoin trader app we decided to make. At least that was the original idea, but we were not so sure when we realized that there is already one or two of these in existence. Obviously we need to avoid copying them, even by accident and that is a lot harder than you would think that it would be. I got hold of it and then I opened it up and saw how it worked.

I assume that they had a whole team of people and I knew that it would be a real task to build a better app with four people who had never done it before. I did figure out that it would have been really easy to copy bits and pieces of what they had and turn it into an app that would not seem to be the same. Of course I would not be trying to fool just anyone if I tried to do that. The professor really knows what he is doing and he knows pretty well the level of ability that I have. I am pretty sure he would figure out how I did it and not be all that pleased. So I asked him what he would think if I did that exactly. We both knew that this sort of thing is done all the time, although not entirely ethically.