I Have Been Thinking About a Career

Of course it is a big deal when you are talking about what to do with the rest of your life and I really do not have a lot of choice in it, I am going to have to hit the ground running. Right now I am thinking about things like this, for exactly how much do truck drivers make and how safe of a career choice is that. For example the truth is that you shall eventually have robot trucks that do not need a driver per se. However that only goes to a certain point as it seems to me. For example a driver is not exactly always a driver, they go places and pick the load up and then they take it some place and drop it off. A long haul driver spends nearly all of his time on the interstate highway system. They might pick up a load in South Carolina and drive it half of the way across the country to Illinois or Iowa or Missouri. Continue reading I Have Been Thinking About a Career

I Needed to Clean My Apartment Before Moving

I did not have a lot of time when I decided to move to another district. I had a job offer that was just too good to pass up, and my landlord was kind enough to allow me to break the lease because she knew that she would have no problem getting someone else in there. I was happy to not have to pay a fee for breaking the lease, and I decided to put that money toward hiring a company that does moving out cleaning for Singapore apartments. I could have handled it on my own, but I did not for two reasons.

The first is because I really did not have a lot of time. The second is because I honestly did not want to do it by myself. That level of cleaning requires a lot of elbow grease, and I just did not want to do that. Continue reading I Needed to Clean My Apartment Before Moving

Helping Our Kids Become Better Adults

Learning is something we do every day of our lives. It is a lot tougher when you are on a schedule and are being tested periodically. It is easy as adults to forget how hard our kids really have it in school. You have to look perfect and act perfect to fit into whatever peer group you aspire to join, and you have to pass tests to prove yourself all the time. There is never a break to just be you. When both of our children were having trouble in physics, we got them the best physics tuition we could find. We went with a teacher that has a proven track record. Continue reading Helping Our Kids Become Better Adults